The Tenants Job

2017-10-08 David Winkle

Screwtape Letters

2017-10-01 Fr. Chris Newcomb

Learning How To Forgive

2017-09-24 Fr. William McLoughlin

Revenge & Forgiveness

2017-09-17 David Winkle

GrandParents Day

2017-09-11 Fr. Chris Newcomb

Are You In Christ's Wheelbarrow?

2017-09-03 Fr. Bill McLoughlin

Aug 27th Sermon

2017-08-27 David Winkle

Aug 20th Sermon

2017-08-20 Fr. Chris

Defeating Discouragement (the Morning Star sermon)

2017-08-13 Fr. Bill McLoughlin

The Heart of Jesus

2017-07-30 Fr. Chris Newcomb

Teach Me Your Ways

2017-07-23 Fr. Bill McLoughlin

Are You Listening?

2017-07-16 David Winkle

Matthew 11:25 - All Things

2017-07-09 Fr. Chris Newcomb

Matthew 10:34-37 - Putting Christ First

2017-07-02 Fr. Bill McLoughlin

God Provides | CEC Foundation Sunday

2017-06-25 Fr. Chris Newcomb

Doug Baker Eulogy

2017-06-23 Fr. Bill McLoughlin

Corpus Christi 2017

2017-06-18 David Winkle

Pentecost - The Breath of God

2017-06-04 David Winkle

Ascension Sunday

2017-05-28 Fr. Chris Newcomb

Acts 17 - St. Paul in Athens

2017-05-21 Fr. Chris Newcomb