We asked our congregation to provide a short note on "What COTR Means To Me"

Here are some of the responses:

Church of the Resurrection is my spiritual center. This little church provides the environment for spiritual growth that I have not found anywhere else. What I found here is a group of people who are attempting to live their life as Christians. This congregation struggles and rejoices together. My wife and I found this church through the need for physical healing. We stayed because it felt like home. –Hugh Morris 

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"The community of genuine faith found here has changed my life and the lives of my whole family. I have been challenged in so many ways over the years, which is what a church should do."-Fr. Chris 

I love COTR because I met my husband through a co-worker who attends the same church. I was baptized and married in Church of the Resurrection. Everyone has been so wonderful. We are a very big family who help each other and love one another. I love the birthday celebration lunches, the pot luck gatherings , but the best is when one of us has a need for blessing and everyone comes up for hands on prayers weather for healing or just a bad patch we need help through​. – Cat McKinney

Simply put, Church of the Ressurection is to me, my family. Having found it when coming from the streets, and some of the lowest places in life. Its has totally ressurected my life. I knew on  my first visit, I'd be back. Everyone there was so warm, and sincere in their attitude toward me that first day. And the priest made a point of talking with me after, and invited me to lunch. I had been looking for a church for at least a year. And that was more interaction than I'd experienced in several places, in that time. Now i think i'm approaching nine years here, and I know I'd be lost with out it. The coverage of the three streams of worship is an important aspect that helps sustain me daily. It has often seemed to me that many of us lack a full christian lifestyle, getting this part or that but not the whole picture. The worship combined with the teachings here have truly helped me to at least know better how to complete the process. I personally could rant and rave for days on the wonders I've experienced here. But will simply say come try it and see for yourself. -Edgar (Trip) Underwood


Church of the Resurrection

A Parish Church of the International Convocation of the Charismatic Episcopal Church

The Charismatic Episcopal Church was founded by Pentecostal pastors seeking the ancient apostolic faith of the Christian Church. Our church is Charismatic, Evangelical and Liturgical, as we understand the original Christian Church to be.

The worship of our parish is fully sacramental and liturgical, giving glory to God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are Holy Scripture centered in our life and worship as a community. We move charismatically in the full gifts and power of the Holy Spirit.

We are a warm and welcoming community of believers seeking to advance Christ’s Kingdom through worship of Him. We would welcome you to join us in our journey.

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