The Greatest Ministry

2018-11-04 Fr. Chris Newcomb

Individuals & Relationships: Blind Bartimaeus

2018-10-28 Fr. William McLoughlin

The Sons of Thunder & Confirmation Bias

2018-10-21 David Winkle

What Must I Do To Be Saved?

2018-10-14 David Winkle

Male and Female He Created Them

2018-10-07 Fr. Chris Newcomb

Salty Christians

2018-09-30 Fr. William McLoughlin


2018-09-23 David Winkle

Pearls Of Humility

2018-09-16 Fr. William McLoughlin

Aslan Is On The Move

2018-09-09 Fr. Chris Newcomb

It's About Your Heart

2018-09-02 David Winkle

Hard Sayings--John 6:66

2018-08-26 Fr. William McLoughlin

Sermon 19 Aug 2018

2018-08-20 Fr. Chris Newcomb

Consistent Theology and the Work of God

2018-08-05 Fr. William McLoughlin

Concerning Baptism (part 2 -- due to technical difficulties)

2018-07-29 Fr. Chris Newcomb

Because of His Compassion

2018-07-22 David Winkle

Ephesians 1:11 For the Praise of His Glory

2018-07-15 Fr. William McLoughlin

Don't Get Comfortable!

2018-07-08 Fr. Chris Newcomb

Our Expectations

2018-07-01 David Winkle

It,s About Relationships / Foundation Day 2018

2018-06-24 Fr. William McLoughlin

The Mustard Seed Safety Net

2018-06-17 Fr. Chris Newcomb