God Is Calling You

2021-07-04 Fr. Chris Newcomb

Reach Out and Touch Jesus

2021-06-27 Fr. William McLoughlin

The Ministry of Reconconciliation

2021-06-20 Fr. David Winkle

The Kingdom

2021-06-13 Fr. Chris Newcomb

We Are The Body Of Christ

2021-06-06 Fr. William McLoughlin

The Cross In A Nutshell

2021-05-30 Fr. David Winkle

Full Toolbox

2021-05-23 Fr. Chris Newcomb


2021-05-16 Fr. David Winkle

Whole Lotta Abiding Going On

2021-05-09 Fr. William McLoughlin

John 14

2021-05-02 Fr. Chris Newcomb

The Relationship Between Shepherd and Sheep

2021-04-26 Fr. William McLoughlin

Paradigm Shift

2021-04-18 Fr. David Winkle

The Lightbulb In Your Head

2021-04-11 Fr. Chris Newcomb

We Are Resurrection People

2021-04-04 Fr. William McLoughlin


2021-04-01 Fr. Chris Newcomb

Blessed (Palm Sunday 2021)

2021-03-28 Fr. William McLoughlin

The Fork In The Road

2021-03-21 Fr. David Winkle

Surrender And Live!

2021-03-14 Fr. Chris Newcomb

Zeal For God's House

2021-03-07 Fr. William McLoughlin

Elephants & Crosses

2021-02-28 Fr. David Winkle