What Do You Seek?

2023-02-26 Fr. William McLoughlin

Ash Wednesday (2023)

2023-02-22 Fr. Chris Newcomb

We See Jesus

2023-02-19 Fr. William McLoughlin

Radical Jesus

2023-02-12 Fr. David Winkle

Clericus 10 Feb '23

2023-02-10 Archbishop Jones

If You Get It, You Gotta Give It

2023-02-05 Fr. Chris Newcomb

Converted But Not Yet Perfected

2023-01-29 Fr. William McLoughlin

Galilee of the Gentiles

2023-01-22 Fr. David Winkle

Come And See

2023-01-15 Fr. William McLoughlin

Great Expectations

2023-01-08 Fr. David Winkle

Making Jesus Present

2023-01-01 Fr. William McLoughlin

Christmas Is Plan A

2022-12-24 Fr. David Winkle

Belt And Suspenders

2022-12-18 Fr. William McLoughlin

No Doubt

2022-12-11 Fr. Chris Newcomb

The Kingdom of Heaven Is Near

2022-12-04 Fr. David Winkle

Clothe Yourself in the Lord Jesus Christ

2022-11-27 Fr. William McLoughlin


2022-11-20 Fr. Chris Newcomb

Hope In Christ, Live For Christ

2022-11-13 Fr. David Winkle

The Saints Build Up The Church

2022-11-06 Fr. William McLoughlin

The Righteousness of Christ

2022-10-23 Fr. David Winkle