Discernment:  If you are interested in the deeper seeking after Christ and the mission of the Church found through the Fellowship of Saint Benedict, work with your Rector to discern this calling.  Together, you and the Rector can then approach your Bishop and the Fellowship Director about becoming a Novice.  If there is consensus, you may then apply.

Application:  Download the inquirer’s application for admission as a Novice and submit it to the Fellowship Director with a one-time $5.00 membership fee to the mailing address on the FSB Home page.

Entering the Novitiate:  After receipt of the application and membership fee, the Fellowship Director will arrange with you and your rector to be invested as a Novice.  This ceremony would be conducted as part of a Sunday morning Eucharist in your home parish.  At the service you will receive a copy of the Rule of Saint Benedict and be assigned to work with the Novice Master.

See the menu to the left for more information about being a Novice and a Professed Member, and for the mailing address for the FSB.