2018-02-11 David Winkle

Fr. Chris Prepares for Uganda

2018-02-04 Fr. Chris Newcomb

(sermon not yet named)

2018-01-28 Fr. William McLoughlin

Her Is Not An Octopus

2018-01-22 David Winkle

You Are God's Gift to Mankind

2018-01-14 Fr. Chris Newcomb

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

2018-01-07 Fr. William McLoughlin

A Christmas Gift

2017-12-31 David Winkle

According To Your Word

2017-12-24 Fr. William McLoughlin

It's Christmas Eve

2017-12-24 Fr. Chris Newcomb

Kairos Presentation

2017-12-17 Hugh Morris

Gaudete Sunday

2017-12-17 David Winkle

The Peace of Jerusalem

2017-12-10 Fr. Chris Newcomb

SonRise Breakfast Kitchen

2017-12-03 Trisha Markoff

Sermon 26 Nov 2017

2017-12-03 Fr. William McLoughlin

Sermon 19 Nov 2017

2017-12-03 David Winkle

Our Potential in the Spirit

2017-11-12 Fr. Chris Newcomb

School of The Lord's Service (All Saint's Sunday)

2017-11-05 Fr. William McLoughlin


2017-10-29 Fr. Chris Newcomb

What Does God Want?

2017-10-22 David Winkle

Kingdom Boot Camp (Prophecy)

2017-10-22 Prophet: Jackie Hixon